Centric Virtual Clinic

In addition to our normal Privacy Policy, Subject Access Requests and Cookie policy documentation we wish to advise our patients of the following:

  1. All extended hours GPs are members of the Centric Health Group. We do not outsource this service to external doctors.

  2. We have requested your consent to transfer a summary of your clinic medical notes from your regular GP to the extended hours GP. This means that your extended hours GPs will be able to familiarise themselves with any pre-existing conditions and/or medications you may be on and allow them to have a more informed view. However, if you would prefer not to allow for the transfer of this medical information, you have the right not to consent and the medical consultation will occur without this information.

  3. Once your consultation has been concluded, any medically relevant notes that your extended hours GP has taken will be appended to your regular practice GP's notes in order to keep your file up to date. Again, you have the right to withhold your consent for this information to be transferred.