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We are Centric Health

Centric Health provides Primary Healthcare Services to over 550,000 patients across Ireland each year.

Our goal, we imagine, is the same as yours – To Provide You with the Best Available Care, preferably in your local community, to get you to a place you no longer need us, quickly and cost effectively. 

We Put You Our Patient First and design our services around you using best medical practice and innovative care, delivered to you with kindness and humility.

And if you do need longer term supports, we are here to help you every step of the way.


Centric Health, putting your humanity at the heart of everything we do.



“I am happy to work with a great group of forward thinking individuals in partnership with Centric. It is exciting to be at the forefront of the clinical improvements that we are trying to implement in our practice and across a range of practices which should both alleviate our workload and improve patient safety and outcomes”.
GP Partner January 2017
“This is the type of medicine I want to practice-I get to look after my patients in a super facility that I couldn’t aspire to myself, focus on what I do best and leave the drudgery of day to day operations and administration to my much more efficient and lovely Centric Health colleagues. I can take the time to specialise in the areas that interest me most and I have clarity as to how Centric will progress my career-financially and professionally. This would be so much harder and slower on my own.”
GP Associate Doctor August 2017
"Fantastic clinic that's very clean and modern. All the staff there are lovely and welcoming and Dr Jean Gallagher is one of the most competent and understanding doctors I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with. I have moved around Dublin city 3 times since being with Ranelagh medical, and even though it's no longer close to me, I still continue to make the journey there because of the staff and doctors."
Patient, Ranelagh Medical and Dental, January 2017
"Doctor Flynn has been lifesaver to me on numerous occasions, always taking my symptoms seriously and working hard to get to the true root of the matter. Recently I visited another doctor there - I found him a pleasure to deal with also. I find this clinic a place of trust, respect and support."
Patient, Barrow Medical, December 2016
"Brilliant efficient expert medical clinic. Can't speak highly enough of their service ethic and quality. Thank you guys !!!!"
Patient, Clifton Court Medical, August 2017
"Clean, very professional. Great facility to have in the area."
Patient, Navan Road Medical and Dental, October 2017
"Appointments time are respected. The doctor is nice, he takes the time needed and answer all your questions. He cares. Registered for the children under 6 scheme. Conveniently located behind a pharmacy, 50 meters away from a small supermarket with a post office counter."
Patient, Barrow Medical, July 2016
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