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Centric Health is a Primary Care organisation with one core objective: to compassionately optimise our patients’ healthcare and outcomes in their local community.

We put our patients at the heart of everything we do. This simple golden rule defines who we are and who we work with, how we interact with our patients and our colleagues, how we road-map and apply improvements across all areas: services, administration, new medical facility buildings, quality and risk protocols, innovative process integration, medical specialities we incorporate.

We are constantly evolving, striving to ensure we provide world class care.  We are proud of our governing principle and have built strong partnerships throughout Ireland with like-minded GP colleagues.


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Strength in Numbers

How does a Centric Health GP Practice differ from a stand-alone GP Practice?

Centric Health acts as a catalyst to develop centralised group practices, a National HSE Primary Care Strategy, by working with and bringing together established GPs in a local community.  We work in tandem with our partner GPs, developing bespoke medical facilities, enabling GPs to relocate their practice, often part of their family home, into a purpose built medical centre.

Ancillary services are co–located within our Primary Care centres, bringing dentists, physiotherapists, psychologists, HSE primary care teams and relevant medical specialists together under one roof.  We work with our Partner GPs to recruit and on-board associate doctors whose skill set, ethos and goals match ours, offering them the opportunity to build a long term medical career with structured and rewarding progression pathways.

We provide the commercial expertise and efficient back office systems to enable our Medical colleagues to focus on treating patients.  Our practices operate as true professional partnerships with the doctors operating as Practice owners and Centric Health as partners within the practices.

How does Partnership with Centric Health Benefit GP Practice Owners?

Some of the many benefits associated with this partnership structure include:

  • Centric Health purchases the goodwill in established GP Practices while simultaneously entering into an ongoing Partnership with the GP Practice Owner, enabling the GP to extract well-earned value from the goodwill they have built up over many years, while continuing to work in their practice, ensuring continuity of care for their patients. 
  • Centric Health finances, builds and manages Partner Practice bespoke medical centres, often not a financially viable option for small groups of doctors and sole traders.
  • Centric Health administers operational management, streamlining workflows, enabling doctors to focus on their patient care.
  • Our peer network of 100+ doctors support, collaborate and share initiatives – formally within our Medical Advisory Councils and informally at our multiple events throughout the year. This reduces the strain of isolation GP’s can feel, so often alluded to in the medical press, while accelerating implementation of shared learning across all our Practice Partnerships, to the benefit of our doctors and patients.
  • Centric Health facilitates Partner GP’s succession planning for those approaching retirement by introducing new doctors into the practice significantly in advance, enabling incumbent GP owners to slowly reduce their working hours over a number of years, if desired, while ensuring continuity of patient care.
  • GP practices are often very stretched throughout Ireland, which can have a detrimental effect on doctors work/life balance. We work with our Partner GPs to redress this situation, providing additional resources, recruiting medical colleagues, embedding operational improvements, while again ensuring patient care is maintained.
  • We accelerate Practice Growth for our Partner GP’s on an expansion drive, bringing our financial, commercial and operational expertise to the table. 
  • Partnerships with Centric Health, in certain instances can yield tax efficient reliefs for Partner GPs.

“I am happy to work with a great group of forward thinking individuals in partnership with Centric. It is exciting to be at the forefront of the clinical improvements that we are trying to implement in our practice and across a range of practices which should both alleviate our workload and improve patient safety and outcomes”.

GP Partner Jan 2017

How does working with Centric Health Benefit GPs who are not yet Practice Owners?

What some of our GP Doctors on our Partnership Pathway say about us…

“This is the type of medicine I want to practice-I get to look after my patients in a super facility that I couldn’t aspire to myself, focus on what I do best and leave the drudgery of day to day operations and administration to my much more efficient and lovely Centric Health colleagues. I can take the time to specialise in the areas that interest me most and I have clarity as to how Centric will progress my career-financially and professionally.  This would be so much harder and slower on my own.”  

GP Associate Doctor August 2017

  • Centric GP provides a progressive and transparent career partnership pathway
  • GP’s benefit from a modern purpose built work environment that is progressive and collegiate, with access to a wide range of complementary services enabling patients to have the best possible care experience
  • Comprehensive operational and clinical support from Centric Health enables our doctors to deliver effective and efficient patient care.
  • Our supportive system enables our doctors to maintain a work-life balance
  • We promote continuous professional development and provide our doctors the opportunity to nurture a GP special interest
  • Centric Health provides a financial package that rewards our doctors success
If you are a GP who currently owns a practice and would like to discuss your options with Centric Health, please contact Mr David Sheehan, Commercial Director, Centric Health on 01-299 3500 or by e-mail: dsheehan@centrichealth.ie.  If you are a GP who would like to consider a career with Centric Health, please contact Esther Muldowney,  on 01-299 3500 or email esther.muldowney@centrichealth.ie